If you are not a member of either society:

As a physician practicing in the Ft. Bend and Harris County area, for the first time ever, you can now enjoy the full membership benefits of both Ft. Bend Medical Society (FBMS) and Harris County Medical Society (HCMS).  At the request of colleagues who care for patients and refer patients across county lines, we are now offering physicians the many benefits of both county medical societies. Those benefits include visibility and networking opportunities to build your referral base in both counties as well as free assistance with payment issues.    

The joint membership is one of the many reasons we invite you to join. Both FBMS and HCMS work closely with the Texas Medical Association (TMA) to advocate on your and your patients’ behalf. At the conclusion of this year’s legislative session, more than a dozen TMA-backed bills were signed into law. Bills passed will achieve:

·         Wide-ranging reductions in practice red tape, including uniform prior-authorization forms for medications and services;

·         Tax relief for small businesses, which includes many physician practices;

·         A new model for physician-led, team-based care which also allows physicians to increase their delegation authority to APRNs and PAs;

·         First regulation of so-called "silent PPOs" that share physician-contracted discounts without doctors' knowledge or consent;

·         More money for mental health and women's health; and

·         Preservation of tort reforms and a strong Texas Medical Board.

Beyond our advocacy with legislators, regulators and payers, we offer referral base development services and access to and presence in electronic and paper member databases and directories.  They are an important way to show presence in our medical community. Of course nothing beats the personal encounters as you develop your referral base and professional collaboration. That is why FBMS and HCMS offer its members regular networking opportunities. Visit www.fbms.org to view upcoming Ft. Bend events and www.hcms.org to view upcoming Harris County events in your community. We look forward to meeting you at these events.


The cost for FBMS, HCMS and the TMA membership is $956. Checks and credit card payments are accepted.  A monthly installment plan is also available. An application and invoice will be provided should you be interested in this new and innovative program. 

For further information, you can contact office@fbms.org


If you are already a member of FBMs or HCMS….

We are proud to offer a membership option to physicians practicing across county lines.The cost of a joint membership is $956. If you have made payment(s) towards your 2018 membership with FBMS or HCMS, an invoice will be provided for the difference. 

The break down for the dual membership is as follows:
FBMS dues are $150 – TMA dues are $561 – therefore members pay an additional $245
HCMS dues are $245 - TMA dues are $561 – therefore members pay an additional $150

Note:  For first year in practice physicians or residents/fellows or physician LOA or military may be discounted.  Check the individual Society’s web site for details.

Checks or credit card payments are accepted.  A monthly installment plan is available.

Please visit each organization’s website to learn more about membership benefits associated with each organization:

FBMS – www.fbms.org

HCMS – www.hcms.org

TMA   – www.texmed.org

You can also contact office@fbms.org

We are here to serve you and your interests.